Every once in a while, a person will find their doppleganger. It doesn’t happen all the time. Not everyone finds someone who looks like themselves. But, it does happen.

They’re just minding their own business one day getting a cup of coffee from Kahwa’s and the next thing they know, they are bumping into someone who looks very familiar. That’s how dopplegangers work. They’re us. They’re just walking around in someone else’s body.

But, some similarities in this world go way beyond that. When things look like other things, it’s like the whole universe is full of dopplegangers. A guy’s sad face looks like the back of a chair. A wooden door looks like a naked statue in the museum downtown.

Have you ever seen anything that looked like something else? It’s an interesting phenomenon that can be hilarious at times.

ET Having A Bad Day

I don’t know if I could eat it. After seeing ET with what looks like his face melting, I’d have to save it. Spray it with a preservative and put it in a glass box. Might fetch a good dime on eBay.

Like Looking At Clouds

Food has a way of coming up looking like other things. Fries look like ducks. Toast looks like Charles Manson. Have fun with it. Anything can be anything.

Major Spy Skills

That’s like a Michael Westen thing. After getting burned, he had to play the role of a rocket scientist as well as a construction worker among other things. But the best part of all was when he played the part of a wall, a bush, and a lamp. He could do a shirt.