Everybody loves football. If someone doesn’t like football, they either don’t understand the game or they don’t like all the hitting. They’d rather watch shows about weaving baskets or crocheting blankets.

What’s not to understand about football? One team has the ball and they are trying to advance it down the field. The other team is trying to stop them. It’s a basic cut and dry game. It gets dynamic with how creative a team can get when they are trying to get those yards.

But then being the people that we are, we always have to change things a little bit and come up with something new. There’s arena football where they play the game in a shoe box. There is fantasy football league where guys can sit on their couches and make the big decisions.

Then comes Lingerie Football, where hot girls get half dressed and play the game on a field just like the NFL. But, it’s no soft sport. They play hard. They lose their bottoms. They get into fights and it’s hot to say the least.

Coming Out

coming out

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It’s big anticipation when they first come out onto the field. It’s the only time the fans get to see them without mud on their faces or without ripped uniforms. Then, the fun is about to start.

The Huddle

the huddle

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When they get in the huddle, that’s when they get their plays together. They bend over so that everyone can hear the quarterback. That’s the way it’s always been done. The Lingerie Football League didn’t start that just for the photo ops.

The Hike

The Hike

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This is the start of the play. They have to get the ball back to the quarterback when she’s in the drop back position. The only way to do that is have the center bend over, grab that ball, and give it a good toss. See, just like the NFL!