Illegal immigration is all around the world. It’s not just one country’s problem. There are people who are not happy with the conditions in their own country and they try to get into another country. But for some reason, they can’t do it the right way.

There are plenty of reasons why immigrants try to smuggle themselves into other countries illegally. But, a good guess on the number one reason would be lack of education. If they would ask the right questions to the right people, they might find that it’s much easier to do it legally than it is to get caught and jailed for trying to do it illegally.

Yes, most of them get caught. They either get caught trying to get across or they get caught afterward because they don’t have the right paperwork or anything they need to survive. The news outlets don’t really like to report about all the cases in which people get caught. For some reason, they like to overlook all the shenanigans at the border.

People are trying to come in some crazy ways. They come up with ideas they think that will work and some are very dangerous. Not just because they might find themselves with Border Patrol pointing a gun in their face, but because the conditions are deplorable.

A False Floor

People will try anything. But, most of these people are stuffed in tight spaces with only a bottle of water. Who knows how far they have to go?

As A Seat

This guy tried something interesting. And ironically, he wasn’t the only one who tried to disguise himself as a car seat. He just didn’t do it with anyone sitting on top of him.

Disguised As Marines

Yes, they tried to come into the USA as Marines. But, they failed miserably because they started asking way too many questions. Plus, all of them had the same name tag.