Even with tightened security at the airports, there are people still trying to get the craziest things through. They get caught most of the time even though some things still get through. That’s why they keep trying.

When you see some of these crazy things TSA has confiscated, you’ll wonder what people were thinking. First of all, you have to take off your shoes and your belt in the line. They make you empty your pockets. I’ve had to remove my laptop from its bag and place it in its own bin.

I’ve either been patted down every time or put through a full body scanner. They ran my bags through their own scanner. What guy in his right mind thinks he’s going to sneak anything past that? But, they keep trying and you won’t believe what they try to get through.

A Sword In A Cane

TSA has a rule that you can have a knife, but it has to be plastic or round bladed like a butter knife. So obviously, a long sword hidden in a cane was going to get denied.

Spear Gun

Whoa! What guy thought this was okay? They won’t let box cutters on the plane, but this guy wants to take his SPEAR GUN!

Pool Cue Sword

It would make a great gift for someone. Either that or a nice keepsake to collect. But, check this out! You’re not getting it on the plane.

Mini Saw In A Bible

This is like some prison escape type deal. Why in the world can’t a guy wait until he lands to get a mini saw? Hope he wasn’t planning on using it on the plane. A saw is hard to kill someone with.