Bridgette and Paula Powers, 42 year old twins have been termed “The Most Annoying Twins in the World.” When you meet them, you might have your own opinion about that. I find them interesting.

They actually talk in unison. They hardly look at each other when they do it too. They have been through everything together and never wanted to be parted, even as babies.

Now, they live with their parents and they have a lot going on for themselves. But, they don’t have any plans ever of living their own lives apart. They have dreams of living in houses beside each other and even decorating them the same. They might possibly live together in the same house for the rest of their lives.

They are very beautiful ladies, which brings a very interesting question. What about relationships? Will they ever entertain the idea of having someone else in their lives?

It wouldn’t be hard to do. All they have to do is meet the right person and that could happen. But once you meet them, you’ll soon realize why that might be harder said than done. Meet Bridgette and Paula, the two most interesting twins I think ever existed. But, the world wants to call them annoying and for what reason, I can’t fathom.

Biking Together

Yes, they’re biking together. Side by side at the same speed. They do everything together and it’s without competition. They don’t have to beat one another on their bikes. They’re happy going the same speed.

A Dismayed Mother

She thought she had two children. She soon realized that wasn’t quite so. She tried separating them. She has often wondered if they would ever get married and have children of their own. But, that’s a question that has yet to be answered.

The Twins You’ve Been Dying To Meet