There are plenty of ways to meet people in this world. You can head off to the grocery store and hope you bump into someone in the aisles. You can go clubbing and take your chances there.

In the age of the internet, match sites was one of the first ideas to come along. In fact, there were match sites and then there have always been people trying to hook up all over the internet wherever they could get a chance to talk. Social media is one of the ways people get to know each other and eventually meet in person if they haven’t already.

But at least on a match site, you know people are looking or at least they are supposed to be and if you contact them, they have no reason to complain unless you’re just a straight up pest who can’t take NO for an answer. Other than that, writing someone is the best way to get attention. If they don’t write back, move on to the next person because there are plenty.

That’s the online dating game. But, someone wants to change it up every once in a while. Like Facebook to Twitter, match sites go from Plenty of Fish to Tinder. Then, along comes Hinge.

Avoid The Swipe Culture

How much easier do people want it to be to meet someone? Swiping left or right is all Tinder brings to the table. You can do that all day and then someone finally swipes on you and BAM! You’re getting married. That’s a little too easy.

Along Comes Hinge

Hinge is actually doing away with Swipe Culture. But, it’s replacing everything with cool features you’ll find useful. It’s an interactive site that is going to get you out of swiping and into actually getting to know a person for real.

Let Justin McLeod Explain It Better