Acting isn’t easy. There are plenty of examples to show us that. Acting is an art that the top celebrities in Hollywood take seriously. Bad acting, on the other hand, is the easy part.

A person can be so bad that it’s laughable. I personally think there are movies that were written badly on purpose with the worst lines anyone could ever imagine. Then, casting was tasked with finding the worst actors ever.

If you’re wondering why, I think it’s a market. There are fans out there who actually love watching bad movies. They like the 6th sequel of a bad original. They like awkward facial expressions and clumsy posing.

There’s a certain cringeworthy factor to it and people will pay good money to see it. Well, not good money. You have to offer them a discount or that would be like charging full price for day old bread.

Back in the day, people rented videotapes from the video store. Imagine that! These “B” rate awful movies would get played until they were worn out. Now, loyal fans are uploading them onto the internet for a whole new generation of fans to appreciate the art of total crap.

A Shrug For Good Measure

It’s great acting that when you die in a scene, you shrug first before you fall. Are you wondering why they killed off your character? Or are you asking the audience if your death was believable enough?

What’s That On His Forehead

Not only are his lines awesomely stupid, but what in the world is on his head? It’s like they didn’t have time to cut filming to swat a fly. That’s when you know they are way under budget.

By the way, you’re going to love his lines when you hear them in the video.

The Bandanas Give It Away

You’ve got to love the bandanas. They couldn’t even take the time to have them written in Japanese. They straight up went to the Dollar Store and bought bandanas in the Halloween aisle. That was their costume budget.