When you think of flipping, you think of people doing flips in gymnastics or on a bike. Car flips are big. These exciting times bring us X-treme flips of all kinds. Whatever one of these extreme athletes puts their mind to, just make sure someone else is rolling with the camera.

But, these aren’t those types of flips. This video is about some awesome guys who know how to make crazy long basketball shots and all kinds of other stunts in that realm. They got together and practiced a whole bunch of flip shots with objects. It’s awesome to watch. You won’t be disappointed. That is especially when you see how creative these guys can get.

On A New Level Of Gymnastics

These guys have stepped up their flipping to a whole new level. Back in my day, it was just a few cartwheels and a tuck. The show was over. Now, they mix all kinds of movements into it from gymnastics to martial arts. Awesome stuff to watch.

This Guy Here

Some people say he’s lucky. Some people say it’s a doctored video. I don’t know. I think it’s just a random thing shot from a dash cam, catching this guy’s most awesome experience. It happens that people pull off some amazing things in this world without practice, on the first shot.

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