Roasting is supposed to be fun if you have the right attitude. You have to go into a roast knowing that people are going to go there. And if they do roasting for a living like say, Jeff Ross, you are going to hear some things you’ve never heard before.

Roasting can run deep because nothing is sacred. Not your looks. Not your religion. Not any of the stereotypes that would go with your skin color or gender. They go there every way they can hit you and they have fun doing it.

There are awkward moments when people don’t know whether or not to laugh. That’s when the roasting is at its best.

So, why would these people put themselves through that? They stand there with a sign that says “r/roastme.” Some of them should know they are going to get it. At least, try to make yourself presentable. Change your shirt. Comb your hair. Give yourself a shot!

You Should Have Seen This One Coming


Got Eem


They Go There


Yep, Walked Right Into That One