You’ve been there. You’ve had to make a tough decision and you knew what you were about to do was wrong. But, you were doing it for a good cause.

How many times have you done the wrong thing because a friend needed you to do it? That’s what’s up. That’s what people do for each other.

And don’t even bring mom into the conversation. If she asked you to grab the dead body and throw it in a lake, how many questions do you think you’d be asking before you sunk it with cement boots? Not a one. Done deal. Just head back to her house, grab a cup of coffee, and give her the nod.

These aren’t that bad. Well a few are close. You’ll love them because you just might see yourself in a few of them.

That’s Bro Code

That Took Guts

And Then What? What Do You Do With A Goat?

That’s Understandable