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It’s sad that we have people like package thieves in our world. It would run a whole lot smoother if a guy could have his package delivered to his front door and it be there when he got home. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

There is always a thief ready to snatch packages because they have nothing better to do with their lives. They could order their own stuff. But, they would rather steal other people’s stuff.

That’s all a thief is good for. They make our lives miserable because we want our things. We wait for our things. Our things actually do arrive. But, we’re wondering where they are.

We call the company and they say they sent it. We call the delivery company and they say they delivered it. What happened to it? Some thief thought he had the right to come up on our porch and take it.

But, there is a solution. One guy noticed a bad case of package theft in his neighborhood. So, he set something up that was real elaborate. You’re going to love what you’re about to watch. Take some notes. You might want to try this yourself.

Here Is Our Little Thief

The video shows him drive up and down the street several times. Then, he gets out of the car and comes up the walkway like it’s just normal everyday business of his. Can’t stand a thief. Can you tell?

Via Remote Camera

The guy who set this up is watching everything from his office. He was even so nice as to let some co-workers watch right along with him. Not only does he get the thief on camera, but you’re going to love what happens next.

This Is A Blast!