No one knows the story behind a repo. Sometimes, people are balling one day. They lose it the next and then everything starts to go. No one likes to see that happen to anyone.

Sometimes though, people live way beyond their means. They buy things they can’t afford on the budget they have. These are the type of people who hate to see their things disappear one by one because they can’t pay the bills they built up while they weren’t thinking.

They don’t just get a car they can afford. They try to get the best one they can get approved for and then they cry when the repo man comes. The sad part is that the repo man is going to come if you don’t make your payments. You can’t stop it. That’s the day people living beyond their means dread to see.

But, they don’t go down easy. They think they can pull a few more tricks out of their sleeves. That’s when this repo man has another thought waiting for this lady. While she’s yelling at him and doing everything she can to get him to listen to her, he has got to be the slickest man on the face of the planet.

He’s definitely been doing his job for a minute because he knew how to handle her from the word GO!

I’m Going To Call The Cops

She thinks threatening him is going to work. Sometimes, that myth about “possession being 9/10s of the law” doesn’t hold up. It doesn’t look like it would have held up in this case as he’s picking the car up while she’s yelling at him.

Get In The Car

She is literally getting other people involved. It looks like those are her kids, which shows another side of her we didn’t want to see as she tells them to get in the car. She thinks she’s pulling a slick move, but watch the move he pulls on her.

Watch It All Go Down