They keep thinking of ways to get that heart pumping full of adrenaline. This one has it hands down.

Adrenaline Junkies just can’t seem to get enough of the extreme. They love to push the limits every time they think of something new. One guy jumps out of a plane without a parachute. What was he thinking? But, he made it to the ground safely and he broke a record doing it.

That’s right. There is more than one adrenaline junkie who has jumped out of an airplane without a parachute and there is a record for the guy who did it the highest. These guys are nuts.

This time, they put a huge swing on one balloon. Then, the actually released from the other balloon for one of the craziest swing rides anyone has ever taken. They are thousands of feet in the air and that arc is no small one.

That’s what I mean by extreme. The thing is though, they will come off this high and start looking for another one right away. That’s why they’re junkies. They’re looking for the next extreme experience as fast as they can get it.

Look At That!

There is no tree that can give a person a swing like this. That is some extreme heights that hits full speed and then back up another couple hundred feet. Told you these guys were nuts.

Then To The Ground

They’re not going down the normal way. That’s not in their blood. Don’t think for one second, they’ll just climb back up into the balloon and descend to the ground the way normal folks do.

They Have To Go Extreme