Any show that’s good is going to stir a lot of controversy. When Chris Hansen came on the air with To Catch A Predator, it had the most potential of just about any show to be controversial. It had all the mixings.

First of all, people behind the show participated with predators in sexual online conversations to lure them to a house where Chris Hansen could confront them. That was the beauty of the show. Seeing their faces when Chris Hansen would walk into the room and they realized that they weren’t getting sex with an underage kid, they were about to be arrested.

And that’s what waited for them too. Chris Hansen would have his talk for the ratings with the video on the guy’s face the whole time. Then when the predator would leave, the police would swarm in for the arrest.

There were a few who walked because justice hadn’t caught up with the show. But, the show learned as it went. The online conversations were enough to show intent. Plus, the predators would be asked to show up with certain items. Those items proved intent as well and that’s what made the case.

But, not everything went smooth.

Police Weren’t Playing

In this particular episode, the predator was hiding in his own home. The exposure from To Catch A Predator was too much for him and he committed suicide. His sister sued the show as if his actions and disgusting behavior had nothing to do with the fact that he was on the show in the first place.

These Guys Were Creepy


They probably have footage that never aired because they only included the best for the show. Some people were very surprising. Teachers, Priests, Police Officers, Military…etc. They were all caught on film along with a few others you would not believe. Will the show be just as good this time?

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