It’s not a pretty sight. The truck is trying to cross the tracks. In the moments before the train blasts through it, it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on.

The truck might be stalled on the tracks. That is feasible since it doesn’t look like it’s moving. But, there could be another reason. There is a car that looks like it’s right in front of the train. If the truck driver misjudged the turn, the car is holding him up.

That’s a sad situation. You can hear the locomotive coming. You know you only have seconds. You could have made it or you could have waited. The driver appears to have made a bad decision.

Everyone understands the stress a train causes, especially when it’s your job to deliver products and crossing those tracks is the fastest way. But, a train could take up to half an hour to get through that crossing. Some people just don’t have time for that.

The thing is that everyone knows not to go across the tracks when a train is coming. The flashing lights are there for a reason and most of the time there is even a gate. Why there isn’t one in this situation is hard to understand, but it just might have saved the truck if it had been there.

Vs A Limo

Not sure what really happened in this case. The limo might have got caught on the tracks. It could happen if the driver misjudged the clearance and bottomed out as he tried to drive across. But as you can see, a limo is no match for a train.

What Was This Guy Thinking?

This appears to be a clear case of a driver thinking he can beat the train. He knew the locomotive was coming. There is no way he couldn’t have. He just didn’t want to wait and this is what happens when people lose their judgment trying to beat traffic.

The Sad Case Of Semi Stuck On Tracks