Trolls are like roaches on the internet. They are everywhere and they breed. For some reason, there is a notion out there that sitting behind a computer and throwing nonsense comments out randomly is a fun thing to do.

The thing is that it’s only fun for the person doing it and people of like mind who are reading the comments. It’s not fun for the victim. And in this day and age, it can be considered bullying.

It’s just like calling someone names on the playground and it takes about the same level of mentality. So, how do you combat that? Easy! Make them eat their own words.

An awesome bakery out of New York calls itself Troll Cakes. Kat Thek is the founder and she also has another special skill as a detective. Why does she need to be a detective? It comes in handy.

If you get trolled on the internet, send Kat the comment and the address of the troll. She’ll bake a cake with the comment on it and send it to them. If you don’t have the address, Kat will use her skills and track them down. They will get their cake.

They Look Like A What?

What is that even supposed to mean? This troll should have their troll card revoked. Hope they like the cake.

Why Go After Mom?

Going after the mom deserves more than a cake! That’s just wrong and everyone knows it.

Why Pull Judge Judy Into It?

All anyone wants to see is this troll get curb stomped by Judge Judy. I tell you, man. They’re just like roaches.

Trolls Can Troll Donald Trump

If you want, you can take a Trump quote and submit it to Kat. She’ll send it to the White House or wherever he’s staying if the White House gets full.

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