UFOs are debatable. Some people try to explain UFO footage away and act like UFOs don’t exist. There is always an explanation for everything right?

But, more and more people are coming around to the idea that this universe can’t possibly exist for only the humans of earth. If there are universes beyond universes, how in the world are we the only beings that exist in it?

Another thing that pushes more and more people toward believing is UFO footage like what you’re about to see. When an official military on the face of the earth captures and releases actual UFO footage, doesn’t that seem to make it more official?

The Chilean Navy has released its footage and there is something strange going on in that video. It’s confirmed that no one else has ever seen anything like it. As it’s flying across the sky, the UFO starts to emit a substance. The commentator says it’s like some kind of exhaust. I have my own idea.

Our airplanes used to dump urine and feces in the air and let it fall to the earth. There are people who have reported being hit by it. Can you imagine having that kind of a day?

That’s actually what it looks like to me. I’m just saying, a family of aliens flying across galaxies might need a place to dump their waste. So, they picked earth. We have no idea what we’re going to get when we meet aliens anyway.

They Could Be Bad Guys

It’s going to go one way or the other. They might come looking to eat us or to take our resources. Then again, they might be totally different.

They Could Be Good Guys

Of course if they are peaceful, our scientists are going to want to dissect them and find out what they’re made of. There’s no possible option that says we will be able to get along with them like we do with other creatures here on earth. We probably won’t even be good hosts and offer them a warm beverage.

Chilean UFO Footage