Some people just don’t believe in ghosts. No matter how many stories they hear from people they trust, they still just won’t believe that paranormal activity is real. I mean, what are ghosts anyway?

Are they people who have died, but just can’t let go for some reason? So, they come back to solve a problem and end up haunting people who are alive. That’s what some people think.

A more scientific explanation is that they are some kind of footprint on the earth. They are the energy a person left behind. I find that explanation a bit out there. It’s hard to explain why some people leave energy behind and others don’t.

It’s The Footage

Either way, the thing is that there isn’t much evidence. Pictures and videos are always so sketchy. The footage is rough and fuzzy. Skeptics rip it apart.

But, They Try

What’s even worse are the television shows of people chasing down the paranormal activity. They spend all night in a haunted house and have all their gadgets. But, they never get anything even though they try their hardest to convince you that they heard a voice or saw something move.

It’s never solid evidence. That is until now. In this footage, you won’t believe your eyes. It’s some really creepy phenomena and it’s hard to argue with.

Watch The Paranormal Activity