Things can get really messy when a bank tries to foreclose on your home. Most of the time it’s because people didn’t make their payments and they know they didn’t. What happens though when they made their payment, but they didn’t know they didn’t?

Yeah, I said that right. They made their payments. In fact, they made their payment when they paid for their home in full in cash. It was the bank that screwed up and they wouldn’t acknowledge that they screwed up. In fact, they stopped taking phone calls from the homeowner’s lawyer.

Their house was about to be taken away from them and they had already paid for it. That’s scary when you have put your money in a home, but a bank note error could result in that home being taken away from you. Some people feel helpless. They don’t know what to do.

Some people can’t afford any course of action that would right the situation. Sometimes, that’s what banks and big corporations are counting on when they try to victimize people. They hope the victims don’t have any resources left.

The thing is, this homeowner was not going down without a fight and you won’t believe how the tables got turned on the bank!

The Movers And A Deputy

They came prepared. They came with moving trucks and everything. Plus of course, the deputy sheriff has to be on hand to make sure everyone complies by the law. That normally means that the one in foreclosure allows the property to be seized.

The Homeowner In Foreclosure

Their lawyer had done some fancy footwork. The bank normally has its day even when it’s wrong. But, today was going to be a different day. The bank had no idea what was about to happen.

Owned: The Ultimate Edition