There is talk of humans colonizing Mars. SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk is fully convinced that it’s possible. Humans can colonize Mars and it can be successful for generations who get to fly into space and make the voyage.

It won’t all be smooth though. Elon warns of the first people who will attempt it. They will have a tough road ahead of them. After that, it will get easier and easier. More resources will be established. More people will be there to help.

But, the first few people who make that initial voyage will have the toughest go at it. They are going to have to pack for the long haul. They are not coming back. They are going to need supplies that will last them and they are going to need resources to help them.

The Launch

It would be exciting. A new voyage to a new place. As long as you can remember, you’re not making the trip back. Wouldn’t that freak a few people out? I’d like to visit. But, I wouldn’t want to stay.

The Landing

Too late now. You’re there. Past the point of no return. You can’t go back home. Just make the best of it. But, that’s the question. What happens when they get there?

What Life Would Be Like