Can you imagine being that guy? Worse yet, have you ever been that guy? You’re responsible for something big like a ship launch and you’re the one who screws it up totally?

Of course, people screw up all the time. A guy breaks a window on a construction site. A mechanic orders the wrong part. A crosswalk guard lets the kids go a little too soon.

No big deal. Those are mistakes that people can live with because they didn’t cost anyone their lives. Well, the kids got a good scare out of it and hopefully, the guy driving through wasn’t playing Pokemon Go on his phone.

But, what happens when you are responsible for a huge mistake? You did the calculations. You measured twice. Then, it was time to launch and it all went wrong. Have you ever been there?

BIG SMH Moment

Could you imagine waking up one morning and going to work looking at a sight like this? Actually, the story goes that this was caused by an earthquake. That can hardly be considered human error.

Yeah Sure! Drive Through…

But, how do you explain this? How long was it going to take for the driver to figure out that he was trudging through freshly poured road?

And They All Fall Down

What if you were responsible for a mess like this? Do you know what country you might want to flee to? How would you explain to your family why you quickly left the country?

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