Commercials aren’t all the same. Some come out of nowhere and actually entertain the viewers even though they are always about making us buy stuff. That’s all they want us to do is buy their stuff.

They don’t even care what it is. Guarantee you if you walked up to a person who makes commercials, he would say he has no care in the world for what he’s selling. He could care less about the product or the people buying it. He gets paid to make a commercial and that’s what he does.

Of course, making a commercial entertaining makes it stick on the consumers’ minds longer. They are more likely to buy your insurance if the gecko got more airtime. They would buy more Cheetos if they got to hang out with the tiger. That’s what makes for a real good commercial. A character that entertains.

But, some companies don’t have time for all that. They just want to get their brand across and that’s all they care about. So, they go with the formula that works for thousands of other brands. It’s a format that everyone uses when they could really care less and only want some airtime with their brand stamped on it.

It’s called the “person talking while doing normal stuff” format and this is pretty much how it goes:

He Gets Stuff Out Of His Trunk

Obviously, he’s doing something. Getting stuff out of your trunk means you have a busy day and it’s going well so far. After all, you have the stuff you need. You just got it out of your trunk.

Putting Stuff Away

Of course when you bring the stuff in the house, you have to put it away now. That means you’re still busy. But, you’re getting stuff done. He passes right by a girl who doesn’t say anything to him. She’s too busy for all that.

The Handoff

Now, they’re busy together. He’s still talking about the product and the branding. But, this is leading somewhere. When she hands the bowl off to him, it’s not for nothing. There’s a reason.

They Have Company

They’re throwing a nice little gathering. It’s a small one. Look at the people talking nicely among themselves. This has no chance of becoming a house party with two hundred guests and broken chairs. These are good people and that’s why you should trust them!

It’s Hilarious To Watch In Full Action