Who do you think Tom Brady likes best, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck? Would it be hard for you to choose?

It seems they’re both big Tom Brady fans and they’re all having a fundraiser together. A donor will be chosen to meet with these guys, have some beer and pizza, maybe even play a little catch. Sounds like a good time.

But, who does Tom like best? That’s what the fight was all about. Matt got a little huffy because Ben got a text from him saying he was running behind. There was even an emoji. It was a fist bump. That was going just a little too far.

Then, fireworks! Like BAM! They started arguing over petty things like when Matt Damon asked Tom to wear his Jason Bourne T-Shirt and then when Ben said Tom pointed to him in the stands, never mind he was sitting behind Tom’s parents.

It’s hard to tell if either of them even know him. I mean, do they actually hang out and do lunch? Do they do what normal guys do who know each other? Or did they bump into each other at a red carpet event and that was about the extent of that? Have fun finding out because it is one hilarious argument.

Matt Damon

Of course, Matt had bad reception. That’s why he didn’t get the text from Tom saying he was running late. That’s odd though as Ben points out, because reception IS hard to get in urban areas. Sarcastic much?

Ben Affleck

He wants to nickname Tom “T-Bone.” Just don’t think it’s going to fly. Why would you name a star quarterback T-Bone? That’s more like a linebacker type name.

Tom Brady

When he finally comes on, he gets to listen for a few minutes while they argue. I’m sure he finds it odd listening to two people talk about him like he’s not there. But, he gets to learn a few things and that just might be that he might rethink his friendship with both of them.

Watch Them Argue Their Hearts Out