Innocent clowns just trying to put a smile on everyone’s face and blow up balloons at a birthday party, why does the world have to be hating? A clown tells jokes. They make people laugh. But, there is a growing trend.

People are scared of clowns. It’s actually a fear that can leave some people paralyzed with fright when a clown comes around. What is it about? Why in the world do these sweet little innocent jokers have to be the brunt of everyone’s hatred?

That’s because they have a dual personality. Clowns seem to have been depicted as sad, dark creatures with another side to them no one knows. They have also been depicted as scary creatures in a few movies. But, it seems connected to some pranks that started in the 80s.

Today, that prank has taken on a whole new level all its own. Clowns are being spotted everywhere. But, it’s getting too real. Not only are pranksters dressing up as clowns just to scare people, but some have taken it a few steps further. There have been murders associated with clown sightings.

What is it all about? Why in the world has this become a thing in our society?

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