With all the talk of the zombie apocalypse, zombie proof homes are starting to trend. After all, it’s right around the corner. It should be any day now.

They had a couple episodes in Florida a few years ago. Some guys smoked bath salts and were going around trying to eat people. A homeless man almost didn’t get away in time.

But, that’s really not the problem. The real problem is when some mad scientist finally figures out the concoction that steals the souls of humans. From the television shows, it appears zombies drag their feet and meander with no meaning. But, they get around pretty fast.

They also come through doors. They get into basements. It’s pretty scary stuff to know that zombies can do all those things with their limited physical abilities and their mindless groaning. That’s why you should figure out a way to zombie proof homes.

You can make a killing while people are watching The Walking Dead. It’s a good business idea to jump in on before they move onto something else like time travel or aliens. When those shows hit the television, you’ll have to figure out another way to make a killing other than in zombie proof homes.

They’re Popping Up Everywhere

Actually survivalists have been ready for the apocalypse for decades. They’ve had shelters built into the ground from the first talk of the atomic bomb. Imagine that, when they thought the atomic bomb was going to be the bad one? Since then, survivalists have been upgrading and gathering their supplies for anything that comes their way.

But, The Zombies Will Give Up

There is no way zombies are getting through these zombie proof homes. They all have their own unique style too. You can pick and choose the strategy you like. Whether it’s to go underground or lock yourself in your home above ground, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from the inevitable zombies that are coming.

Zombie Proof Homes