This is some arachnophobia at its best. The trend started growing again that people were afraid of spiders. Some people are out of their mind with a paralyzing fear.

It must be the movies that they’re putting out. Because spiders were starting to grow in popularity just a few short years ago. People loved them. People got them as pets. People ate them, covered with chocolate.

That’s not recommended. But, it has been done. Anyway, spiders were getting popular at one time. Then one day, that got shut down. People were back to being hysterical when they came across a spider.

One guy burned his house down because rather than get a shoe, he went with a makeshift blowtorch. He grabbed a lighter and then he grabbed a can of spray paint. Put the two together and the next thing he knew, his house was going up in flames. That’s how much some people hate spiders.

If you are one of those people who love to be scared or if you love spiders, this footage is the best. It is one huge spider. After you see it, you’ll understand what I mean by huge. Just think, there are bigger spiders than this in the world.

It’s A Fast Beast

Not sure the gloves are going to save her if it decides to bite. But, why not? Just in case right? After all, if it bit her, she’d end up with nothing more than something like a bee sting and it would hurt for a few days.

Look How Big It Is

This is called taking a spider for a walk and letting it get some exercise. A spider this big in an aquarium all day will feel cramped. It’s a good thing they are getting her out and giving those legs a stretch.

Watch Her In Action