Auditions are hard enough. It’s like walking into a room of seasoned professionals who seem bored because of all the auditions they’ve been through that day and they tell you to strip naked. That’s exactly how it feels. But, a TWD tryout? Can you imagine that mess?

The Walking Dead is a huge hit with some of the biggest stars. But, they will always need dead people. The thing is that these guys can’t just be picked off the street. Not everyone can be a zombie even though it might look easy to drag your feet and act like you’re brainless.

It’s Not That Easy

When you watch the video, you’ll be able to see who has it and who’s lost. There are people who are in character and nailing it. Then, there are guys literally walking around like they have no idea what they’re doing. They might have thought the auditions would be a breeze. But, they were wrong. Yes, it’s hard being a zombie. The audition though is not like any other.

Like X Factor‘s Worst

Anyone who doesn’t make it on X Factor might be a good candidate for TWD. They’re already mad. They’re spewing obscenities like it’s no one’s business. All they need to do is harness all that energy into acting like they’re dead. You know, dead with attitude. That’s the way you can pass a TWD audition. You just can’t walk into the audition and start dragging your feet with a funny look on your face. You have to have attitude.

But, have you ever watched a TWD audition? It’s hilarious. It’s exactly as ridiculous as you would expect it to be. These guys are actors though. They are giving it 100% and that’s what makes it comedy gold.

Off They Go